High Risk Work

Licence to Perform Dogging

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Course Summary

Dogging consists of two key abilities. These are the slinging techniques employed for moving a load, including the inspection and selection of any lifting equipment, and the skill to direct a crane or hoist operator who is moving a load that is out of their view .

In this course you will learn the skills required to perform slinging techniques, including the selection and inspection of lifting gear and directing of the crane operator. Successful completion of this course will provide you with your WorkSafe high risk dogging ticket.

This course will teach you the skills to:

  • Understand communication techniques such as whistles, hand signals and use of fixed two-way radios
  • Calculate capacity of lifting equipment
  • Understand slinging techniques in a variety of conditions
  • Select and inspect lifting equipment
  • Understand work instructions
  • Direct crane operators in the moving of loads
  • Identify hazards and assess risks associated with operation

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