Funding for Training Providers

Training Providers can apply for funding to design and deliver courses that respond to industry demand.

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Where can I find information about industry needs?

Keystone has developed a labour market modelling tool that can provide useful information about future skill needs in the Tasmanian building and construction industry. Follow this link to access SOFIA (Statistical Optimisation for Industry Advancement).

Applications for courses to be included in the Keystone Tasmania database can be made via your Training Provider’s Keystone Account.

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How often is funding made available?

Keystone Tasmania offers funding for training course development all year round. We will prioritise support in areas where there is identified industry need, but limited or no training activity.

We aim to be flexible in the delivery of our funding support. Requests for course development funding should first be canvassed with the contact person nominated below (see 'Need Help?') before a submission is made via

Throughout the year, we will advertise additional special funding opportunities in priority areas.

A public advertisement will be issued, as well as direct communication to key stakeholder organisations and those on our subscription mailing list. To register for our mailing list, please send a request to

Is course development in all sectors of the industry supported?

Yes, applications are invited for course development benefiting all sectors of the building and construction industry - civil, commercial and residential.

Must training be accredited?

Keystone Tasmania prioritises support for accredited training.

EOIs for non-accredited training will be considered, where the development or delivery of accredited training is not the best fit-for-purpose outcome, or is otherwise impractical. Please seek guidance from the contact person nominated above before proceeding with an EOI for non-accredited training course development.

Who is eligible for this funding?

Course development funding is available for suitably accredited and experienced training providers who can provide building and construction industry-specific training and workforce development. This includes RTOs and private sector organisations with a track record of delivering high quality outcomes.

To be eligible, you/your organisation must have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and be one of the following:

an entity, incorporated in Australia

an incorporated not-for-profit

What are the assessment criteria for EOIs?

EOIs will be evaluated on the following criteria:

Is the content building and construction industry specific, and up-to-date?

Does the delivery approach demonstrate flexibility, to enable workers in building and construction SMEs to participate?

Do the proposed trainers have relevant building and construction sector experience?

Is the proposed training endorsed by industry?

Are quality reporting and improvement processes authentic, and likely to improve the quality of the training over time?

Is the budget commensurate with the extent of design and development work proposed?