Civil Construction

Identify, locate & protect underground services


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Course Summary

Course Outline

This course teaches the skills and knowledge required to identify, locate and protect underground services in civil construction.

It applies to those working in operational roles and overseeing construction work. They generally work under supervision and hold some responsibility for identifying, locating and protecting underground services.

Elements Covered

1. Prepare to identify, locate and protect underground services

2. Identify and locate underground services

3. Protect underground services

4. Conduct housekeeping activities


All training will be conducted by a qualified staff member.

The Training will follow a set format and cover all elements and performance criteria set out in this unit.


A knowledge-based theory/classroom session ending with an examination, will need to be completed prior to any practical training or assessment session are offered.

A practical session will be conducted at sites suitable for the number of people participating in the course.

RTO 60082

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