Project Management

A New Supervisors & Managers Introduction to Project Reporting


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Course Summary

This course will provide a detailed information on how correct reporting protects the contractor's contractual rights. Includes how timely reports are used to succesfully manage projects, and the consequences of failures to report in a timely and accurate manner.

This course will focus on:

  1. Appropriate, accurate and timely reporting to ensure successful compliance, safety, quality and commercial outcomes;
  2. The big picture…how even the biggest projects stay under control;
  3. Reporting obligations and how they relate to project delivery responsibilities and command structures:
    - Cost, program, quality 
    - Risk reporting
    - Incident reporting
    - Managing sub-contractors and suppliers
    - Managing directions from clients
    - Use of business systems to achieve successful reporting outcomes
    - The impacts of not reporting  

Designed for graduate engineers, new leading hands, supervisors and managers (or as a refresher for senior teams)

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