Passive House Certification Training

Australian Passive House Association (APHA) - Passive House Certification Training

The Passive House Standard is an international building standard encompassing health, comfort and energy efficiency for buildings.

The Australian Passive House Association (an affiliate of the International Passive House Association) promotes the uptake of the standard. APHA provides training for architects, building designers and tradespersons. The Certified Passive House Tradespersons (CPHT) course is delivered on-line but has one practical day of training.

This project will bring an experienced trainer from NSW to Tasmania for a training day in Hobart.

The one-day training will be a primer for tradespeople who are interested in an introduction to Passive House techniques, who may be encouraged to complete the on-line CPHT course in future.

Project duration: 12 months

Keystone funding: $3,500

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Photo credit: Hao Chan Cai Photography

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