Launceston Apprenticeship Pipeline Project -Stage 2

The LAPP2 project built on the success of LAPP1 by supporting job seekers in Launceston to gain apprenticeships.

Twenty-one diverse jobseekers were supported into apprenticeships through LAPP2 this year, including women and mature-aged candidates.

The project provided support that allowed participation of candidates with health challenges, caring responsibilities, and some with English as an additional language to access apprenticeships.

A key component of the LAPP2 project has been future payments to employers to support LAPP2 Apprentices. Keystone has made provision to make these payments as candidates progress through their apprenticeship.

The payments have allowed for additional support by employers and will increase the likelihood that LAPP2 apprentices will complete their training and achieve successful trades careers in in the B&C sector.

Keystone funding: $90,850

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