Undertake First Response To Fire Incidents

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Course Summary

MSMWHS212- Undertake First Response to Fire Incidents course allows individual employees in the workplace to identify, assess and control workplace emergency situations. Participants’ will be developing skills, knowledge and broad capabilities in responding to workplace emergencies such as a small fire that can be controlled using a nearby fire extinguisher; or a chemical spill that can be controlled using workplace personal protective clothing and equipment.

This requirement for employees to complete this training is consistent with the legislative obligations of employees as prescribed in WHS legislation. The knowledge and skills gained through the completion of this competency may be applied by all employees across all industries.

It covers the first response (only) to fire, and does not include aggressive fire fighting. Typically this response would be undertaken to contain/extinguish a minor fire or to contain a more major fire while external help arrived.

Course Content

  • Identify fire emergency and raise alarm
  • Initiate basic fire responses
  • Notify responsible authorities
  • Undertake safe evacuation
  • Identify the elements required for fire to occur 
  • Identify the principle elements of extinguishing fire 
  • Identify the classes of fire Identify 
  • Different types of fire extinguishers and their application
  • Operate fire extinguishers 
  • Know the safe work practices associated with using fire extinguishers 
  • Use of fire blankets.

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