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Solar Battery Storage Design & Install Grid Connected PV Systems

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Course Summary

This course is designed for licensed electricians and electrical engineers who hold Design and Install Accreditation with the Clean Energy or have completed units of competency UEERE0011, UEERE0016, UEERE0022 (or equiv).

This course fulfills the requirement by the Clean Energy Council for accredited installers and designers to gain the grid connect with storage endorsement on their Grid-connect PV system accreditation and the course is also worth 60 points towards an accredited installers and/or designers Continuous Professional Development Points.

The approach to the delivery of this course is one of flexibility where you can schedule your training around your life and work commitments. It is completely self paced and you can enrol anytime directly off our website, there are no set intake dates.

The course will take approximately 40 hours to complete in total but you can space this over a couple of weeks or three months. It has been designed for clients who do not have the time to attend lengthy face-to-face courses or personnel who are unable to travel long distances to attend training centres. 

All theory and assessments will be completed online with two practical installations to be completed in a workplace either of your choosing (with a registered solar battery installer) or provided by Staysafe Industry Trainings extensive database of certified installers.

The course requires:

  • Access to the internet
  • A computer (with camera and mic accessibility),  tablet or mobile device
  • USI Number, apply for one at https://www.usi.gov.au/students/get-a-usi

Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN):

In order to complete this course you need to have a certain level of language and literacy skills.

We recommend that you have at least level 3 skills for this course.

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