High Risk Work

Licence to Operate a Slewing Mobile Crane (up to 60 tonnes)

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Course Summary

For those involved in the high-risk construction industry, the 60-Tonne Slewing Mobile Crane Course is an ideal way to advance your career. With all the practical skills you need to operate a slewing mobile crane, you will be able to work in accordance with Australian legislation and safe work procedures.

What Is a Slewing Mobile Crane?

A slewing mobile crane is any mobile crane which has a jib or a boom that can be rotated. The rotating, turn-able section offers greater site versatility. It can be anchored into place while the boom continues to operate in a 360° circle. By comparison, non-slewing cranes don’t have rotation joints.

Covering the skills required to operate a 60-tonne slewing mobile crane, this course is a certified course, recognised by the Australian government. Students will qualify for a slewing crane operation licence for cranes up to 60 tonnes upon successful completion.

This 60-Tonne Slewing Mobile Crane Course covers essential safety and operational information and skills required to successfully operate this piece of heavy machinery.


  • Application of relevant mathematical calculations in order to determine radius requirements and relevant lifting gear.
  • The ability to apply crane movements such as luffing, catching load swing, using a slew boom/jib, telescoping, raising, and lowering the hoist amongst others.
  • Ensuring proper risk assessment such as evaluating lighting, asymmetric and dynamic loads, the suitability of the operating area and more.
  • Communication with co-workers through 2-way radios, whistles and hand signals.
  • Conducting prestart checks such as looking for fluid leaks, using a logbook and checking the boom wiring harness connection.
  • Conduct operational checks by testing the functionality of the crane controls.

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