Demystifying the Safety Management Standard AS/NZS 45001 (the old 4801)


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Course Summary

  • What is a ‘Standard’
  • What is ISO 45001 Standard and how it fits into Australia
  • What has changed from AS 4801
  • What is a ‘safety management system’ and how does a ‘Standard support the business goal 
  • What are the elements of the ISO 45001 Standard and what does each element mean for a business 
  • What are the “interested parties “to an organisation, understanding their needs & expectations, risks & benefits related to these parties
  • What are the limitations of the ISO 9001, and how can these be best managed

At the end of this course, participants will understand the ISO 45001 and its differences to 4801 safety management system purpose, benefits and limitations.    

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