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Conduct Tractor Operations

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Course Summary


Our three day training course is for people who have minimal or no tractor operating experience.

It’s an intensive, hands-on training course, with the majority of the time spent operating the equipment.

A strong theoretical component also focuses on safe operating procedures

What Will You Gain?

You will gain an understanding of these five critical aspects to becoming a successful Tractor Driver/Operator:

  1. Pre Start Inspections
  2. Cabin Controls and Dashboard orientation
  3. Common activities and/or tasks for tractor driver/operator
  4. Shut down procedure
  5. Machine fundamentals, Safety & Emergencies


The Training will be delivered by an experienced and qualified trainer, face to face.

The training follows a specifically prepared course session plan and utilises materials such as participant guides, review questions, a workbook and practical tasks.


Assessments will be conducted using a theory and practical assessment tool.

The assessor will inform you of each of the assessments prior to them being conducted.

Scheduled Course Dates

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