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Understanding the Obligations of a People Manager in a Diverse Workplace


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Course Summary

This course will explain the fundamentals of why its important for all managers and supervisors in a civil infrastructure workplace to be able to manage people of mixed gender, race and religion.

The content will include:

  • An explanation of the law, and how it impacts you as a supervisor and your employer
  • The different working relationships and whether this affects the legal obligations
  • The actions of your staff, and what this means for you as a manager/ supervisor
  • The added benefit diversity brings - some facts to dispel, and reinforce, myths
  • How do you actually manage in a diverse workplace?
  • Do you hold meetings differently?
  • Some tips on things that can, and cannot, be said.¬†
  • Inducting new staff¬†
  • Work site control
  • How to manage a complaint, incident, and accusation
  • The role of your company policy and procedure
  • Understanding your role as a manager and leader

The participant will gain a practical understanding of how to manage people in a diverse workplace, and what their obligations are for doing so.

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